60 Faces of Bennett (7-12)


High: Bennett loves this nerdy singer named Brett Dennen, who has a kind of upbeat alternative California pop sound. Fun to move to. He loves it when mom or dad or granny dance with him. He smiles and makes lots of those vowel sounds.

Low. Even Brett Dennen only goes so far. His inconsolable waah-waah can go on for 20 or sometimes 30 minutes. He wants mom’s boob. And if mom is not home, a bottle will help for a while, but its not the same! And he lets me know it.

High: He’s starting to be able to hold his head up, just a bit. It still wobbles like a bobble-head toy, but I can see the control coming just a wee bit each week. Lifting the head, it is one of those big baby milestones!

Low: I got pee showered on  this week for the first time during diapering. Moms with boys will yawn at this . . . but I only had a girl so this was a new experience. Good lesson. I’d say ‘won’t happen again’ but we all know that’s not true!

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2 Responses to 60 Faces of Bennett (7-12)

  1. Melanie says:

    He’s Beautiful, Janet, with a capital B.

    My mom always said babies cry for only three reasons: they’re hungry, tired, or wet. According to Mom, colicky babies are born before their intestines are fully ready, so curl them up into a fetal position, rub their backs and put something warm (not hot) on their bottoms, like a heating pad or hot water bottle. They’ll still cry, but it makes you feel less helpless. Mom knew about all these things because she had seven children of her own. For years when my oldest sister started having babies, Mom wore a cloth diaper permanently on one shoulder—for the spit up and to throw over the boys’ target area when changing their diapers!


    • janet says:

      thanks Melanie. Yes, Sam’s mom also had 7 kids. She thinks that Bennett is starting to teethe already (very early!). Actually he’s been better this week, we’ve found ways to distract him, with dance and pictures, which is good.

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