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Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

 Do you sleep with your dog(s)? The pros and cons of this practice are the subject of lots of blog posts—for example, here, here, and on a post that claims that nearly half of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds.  But … Continue reading

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We Talk, Dogs Bark

Tonight I recorded some of Day-ay’s “howling,” a not-uncommon trait for Chihuahua mixes or dogs who have listened to coyotes at night in New Mexico (like her). To understand dog vocalizations, one starts with pitch. Is it low or … Continue reading

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Welcome Dog Days of Summer

NY Dog Days. Think hot, sweaty, and sluggish weeks following the solstice, iced tea and fans, sunscreen, sleeveless shirts, perhaps an escape into an air-conditioned movie. Already, in the last week of June, we are reaching 88 degrees. But this … Continue reading

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Should we be Dining Out with our Dogs?

A few blogs back on June 15, I wrote about new dog bills that the New York State legislature is taking up this year. Well, one of the more controversial bills passed on June 16, and is now awaiting signature … Continue reading

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a new dog blog

Not posting much here lately; that’s because I’m taking a class this summer that requires me to create a new blog on BLOGGER (ugh). Anyhow, suffering through it is much more bearable when one is writing about dogs! visit me … Continue reading

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5 Dogs on the Verge of Disappearing

There are more dogs than you can throw a stick for, right? There are plenty of dogs and each year about million of them die in kill shelters. That’s what makes it kind of unbelievable to discover there are actually some breeds on the … Continue reading

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Review: A boy, a dog, and a song that brings tears

For dog lovers, here’s a bit on “Old Shep” recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956. The song, a sad, sentimental ballad about a boy and his dog, was originally written in 1933 by Red Foley and Arthur Williams. Foley wrote … Continue reading

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Throw Lawmakers a Bone!

Dog Days are here—in Albany, that is.The New York state legislature is taking up a heap of dog legislation this year, the New York Times reported on June 12. What new rules are lawmakers proposing for dogs and their owners? Allowing … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Mitt Romney and Seamus, the Irish Setter

Wikipedia entries cover just about everything. The Wikipedia entry entitled “Mitt Romney Dog Incident” recaps the public reaction to a 1983 event in which Romney put his dog, Seamus, inside of a dog carrier, strapped it to the top of … Continue reading

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Are We Accessorizing Dogs?

“Designer.” The adjective suggests an article of clothing. A handbag, a pair of shoes. A few years ago I was crossing the street behind a forty-something, fashionista in a white faux fur coat carrying an oversized Prada handbag, when a … Continue reading

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