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Abandoned Chihuahuas: “Someone Else Will Take Them”

It was 96 degrees today in New York City, and yet, someone abandoned three little Chihuahuas in my neighborhood park, Fort Tryon.The dogs were found without collars in the dog run’s holding pen, with a bowl of water and a … Continue reading

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Hey Dog Owners, Want to Share a Photo?

I started this blog seven weeks ago and already have begun to amass a nice collection of photos of dogs posing with their owners, mostly from locals in my neighborhood of Washington Heights, NYC. Those of you who read regularly … Continue reading

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Scratch My Butt, Right There: Imagining How My Dogs Think

MALE DOG: Yaaawwnnn…stretch it out…oh yeah, scratch my butt, right there.  Hey Human, it’s time to go outside! Let’s go! My Human is not moving. I see…oh well, what to do? What to do?  What was that? Oh, never mind, it’s … Continue reading

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How I Moved from Cats to Dogs, a Personal Narrative

Someone recently told me that there are more U.S. households that own dogs than cats (43 million vs. 36 millon). I guess there must be a reason why. I was a cat person myself, once. When I was a kid, I … Continue reading

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Interview with Julie Hecht, Manager of Horowitz Dog Cognition Labs, Barnard College

WHAT ATTRACTS YOU TO YOUR DOG? Julie Hecht is the lab manager of the Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard College and the author of Dog Spies, a blog in Scientific American. She is a doctoral student in animal behavior and comparative psychology who has been working with … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Owner Feel Better During a Heartache, a Guest Blog by Day-Ay the Dog

  (Day-ay, a Yorkie-Chihuahua mixed breed, is filling in for me today.) Humans are very serious creatures, and sometimes they lose their packs. They call this a heartache, and you’ll notice the signals right away. They will sleep more. They … Continue reading

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Going on a Road Trip with Dogs

(I worked on this post with my daughter Myrrhine, who drove from Phoenix, to Albuquerque, to Denver, to Toronto, and to New York with her two dogs in the back seat.) If you are really into your dogs and also … Continue reading

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Jackie, My Second: The Puppy Nobody Wanted

In 1997, we wanted a dog, one that would live well in a city-size accommodation, and in a single child family. Sleeping Beauties: Janet and Jackie My daughter had thought she wanted a cat, but when we met a cat-size … Continue reading

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Should Dogs Be Domesticated: Gary Francione’s Blog

The AbolitionistApproach, a blog by Gary Francione, Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers University School of Law, makes for fascinating reading, even though I don’t always see eye-to-eye on his posts. He takes a hardline approach, albeit … Continue reading

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Thanks, Clayton

I don’t know how to thank our friend Clayton for having us for a few days in Nova Scotia at his fabulous house near Yarmouth. He is an amazing artist, collector, and decorator (as a retired theatre design professor) as … Continue reading

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