Back in Wisconsin for July 4th, t has been a difficult few days. Mom wiped herself and got poo on her hand again today. At the doctor’s office, she had a fit and called everyone a bitch and said ‘lets get out of here’ and called the nurse a ‘dirty spik” and we had to keep her occupied like you would a one-year old, as the doctor was 25 minutes late.

Yesterday mom tried to take Ray’s (another resident) piece of cake. She just stood up and began to try and stick her fork into it across the table, saying, ‘i want it.’ She has no filters anymore, and it is not funny when she starts to say someone is ‘taking my chocolate,’ or she wants to leave, and gets a mean look on her face and points at you and says ‘get over here’ and ‘go this way’. Ugh. I hate her. But of course I don’t. She is ill. I said it. She has a disease that removes the years of social conditioning and intuitive empathy.
But her behavior can be awful. The facility wants to hire extra help for her (another $1,000 per month to help train her behaviors. Much of the time she is sleeping and sedated, and she does not do much of anything now. She sits on the couch. Sometimes she walks around. She wouldn’t go outside. not yesterday or today. Her ankles are swollen from not sleeping horizontally. She can’t get her feet into shoes anymore, only big slippers.
Something has to be done to straighten things out.

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