Throw Lawmakers a Bone!

Dog Days are here—in Albany, that is.

The New York state legislature is taking up a heap of dog legislation this year, the New York Times reported on June 12.

What new rules are lawmakers proposing for dogs and their owners?

  • Allowing therapy dogs on public transportation.
  • Redefining what is a “dangerous dog” to one that injures or kills another dog or domesticated animal.
  • Prohibiting insurers from denying home/renters insurance because someone owns a specific breed of dog, say, a pit-bull.
  • Allowing dogs in restaurants’ outdoor spaces.
  • Increasing the fine for the abandoning your animal to up to $2,000.
  • Establishing a tax credit for the adopting a dog or cat.
  • Authorizing the use and training of dogs for bear hunting.
  • Creating a public animal cruelty registration, where violators of “Buster’s Law” are named (and perhaps publicly shamed?).
  • Making the theft of a pet a serious crime, and making it a crime to leave a pet locked in a hot car.
These various bills were reported upon in the Times article on June 12.

Let’s throw lawmakers a bone!

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6 Responses to Throw Lawmakers a Bone!

  1. Amanda Burns says:

    This sounds great. You know I've always thought pet food should be tax free. They need to eat just like we do!

  2. Janet Sassi says:

    And it's great that folks might get a tax break for adopting animals from shelters.They probably save taxpayers money by doing so.

  3. I think that it is great that our government is adding legislation for animals. Especially dogs, which so many American families treat as their own family member. Also, this is a great initiative because dogs do not have a say in the way they are treated. I'm glad that people are taking the proper action to change the future treatment of dogs.

  4. This sounds wonderful. Although, I must say that I am not sure how I feel about allowing dogs in restaurants' outdoor spaces.

  5. Janet Sassi says:

    I guess it depends on the dog, too. A barker? No way!

  6. Susan M says:

    This is wonderful! Dogs are incredibly valuable to humans and should be protected as much.

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