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My Psychic Connection with Jojo

Jojo, my first dog, was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was almost 3 years old. We’d just moved from Illinois to New York for school, and his seizures started not long after our arrival. The vet said that they were … Continue reading

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Inside of a Dog

Can your dog “smell sadness” in you? Behavioral scientist Alexandra Horowitz says it can. I hope to reference Horowitz’ 2010 book, Inside of a Dog, at least a few times in these blogposts because it presents an extraordinary look at … Continue reading

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My Dog, Myself

I used to be a cat person when I was young. I am a dog person now, and have been since 1977, when a stray dog wandered into our path and ended up following us home. Jojo, my first. We … Continue reading

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