60 Faces of Bennett (19-24)











This week Bennett started to consistently grasp on and try to lift. He’d been toying with the idea, being inconsistent about it, for a couple of weeks. However, now he commits himself. He at last recognizes the act. Now, the look of joy he gets on his face when he hangs on and gets pulled up on mommy’s or daddy’s (or granny’s) fingers is a new emotion for him. It’s a new activity, a discovery, and possibility. It’s fun!
Michael (visiting this weekend) used his gentle baritone to lull Bennett from a whiny cry into a kind of silent stupor, the state of being when a baby can’t stop looking at something or someone and feels a sense of peace in the moment–and then the moment lasts and lasts and lasts. Bennett was attentive through song after song: sandman’s lullabye,Irish Eyes, Goodnight Irene, Rockabye Baby, You are my Sunshine, tura lura, Frere Jacques, Good King Wenceslas … yeah after awhile baby songs turned into Christmas songs and then went into t.v. themes too.
Other highlights of Bennett’s week: he somehow fell(?) out of bed for the first time in the middle of the night, and the parents took him to the emergency room to be looked at. Never considered myself a bad parent, but when a 4-month-old Myrrhine rolled off the diaper changing table onto the floor, I just picked her up and gave her a nipple. And that was that.

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