60 Faces of Bennett (25-30)











Bennett had another milestone this week, a vocal one. He has learned how to scream! I don’t mean a crying scream, I mean a rock-music scream, a Wild Man scream, the scream you do when you want to express your soul-bones, your inner lobo. It’s high-pitched, screechy, and always accompanied with a look of baby ecstasy, of release. His parents tell me that he laughs at times, but I’ve not seen it even though I spend hours a day with him. He almost laughs, but it is of the throat, and not of the belly, and therefore it is a tadpole of a laugh.
This week I found a great website for newborns: Baby ZorgerIt will stave off a crying fit for at least 5 to 7 minutes, which is just enough time to thaw four ounces of breast milk or find some upbeat music on your phone or move the whole show outside into the back yard, where everything is brighter and more alluring.
Keep it coming.


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