$450 a day:

I miss mom and want to move her to New York. It seems like a week doesn’t pass without some Residence drama – mother fell, mother slapped someone, mother thought the wastebasket was the toilet and sat and fell, mother wanders through the night.
20140110_161348I doubt things would be any better here, but this overwhelming feeling of helplessness and guilt might be eased some if I could go see her a few times a week.
Today we toured Isabella House, a nearby nursing home. When the tour leader told me that mother, as a “private” patient, would pay $450 a day, reality hit.
It’s a sad fact that middle class people who came of age in World War II, worked all their lives, and sacrificed spending—even in retirement—to save for old age nowadays see their hard-earned monies fly and scatter like a sack of bills in a hurricane. It’s hard to believe that, in New York, the cost to house Mom for one year of care would be $168,000–close to all she has.
Hah. For me, philanthropy starts now.

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