Adult Kryptonite bodysuit:

Our concerns about mom’s condition have reached the forefront at the Residence. The director has said they’ve “tried everything” they can to keep her dementia-driven behaviors under control, but she continues to wander by herself into places – and situations – that are not safe, and are a bother to boot.

[caption id="attachment_385" align="alignleft" width="149"]Adult Kryptonite Bodysuit. Adult Kryptonite Bodysuit.[/caption]

In order to keep her in the Residence, we have been asked to provide a one-on-one assistant for her—at least for the next couple of weeks—to get her behaviors under control. This person, who we would pay hourly (and quite handsomely,) would keep my mother’s behaviors in check and make sure she stays in her room for two hours after she is put to bed–prime wandering time for someone of my mother’s investigative persuasion.

None of this is a surprise. Her falls are a potential legal conundrum. Her lack of social boundaries has upset the more cognizant residents, who may have found her in their private bathrooms (she doesn’t seem to know where her own bathroom is) or their closets (she cannot tell the bathrooms from the closets).

And now, to prevent her from toileting on her own in some of the stranger places she has been wandering, she is being fitted with “Preventaware” — a specially-made bodysuit outfit for dementia/Alzheimers patients that prevents them from pulling their pants down to go to the bathroom independently—or at least without supervision.

Think of it as a form of chastity belt. Only in reverse.


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