Frank Lloyd Wright Trip Day 4. July 9. Another horizontal line on the prairie, Samara House, West Lafayette Indiana. Dr. John Christian, 29, (taught bionucleonics at Purdue) wanted Frank Lloyd Wright to design his house, and Wright did. It was completed in 1956. Today Dr. Christian is 94 and still lives there. We got to visit with his curator, and tour a house that has all the original Wright-designed furniture. Lots of Metal and Stone Dragons protecting the property and wind chimes that also direct rain falling from the gutterless house. Tables turn into stools, standing lights turn into leggo=like pieces to play with, tables stack pagoda-style. Then light plays on various surfaces.
It is a play house as much as a piece of art, a place to discover how things fit together, including how the house fits with the landscape. This place is worthy of a visit if you are in Indiana and if you dig Frank Lloyd Wright’s eccentric three-dimensional design discoveries.
So comfortable.

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